Some priorities of Tripzoom


Detailed unique cycling data

TRIP ZOOM provides a wealth of data. This will give you detailed insight into cycling, modal split, speed, pattern and frequency of bicycle rides. With this data you can better design your bicycle policy and bicycle promotion projects better monitor.

Modality Detection

TRIPZOOM is able to detect. Itself to any movement of the modality Using intelligent algorithms TRIPZOOM distinguishes car, public transport, cycling and walking. This provides insight into the modal split.

Feedback to user

The data is being collected in the app back to the user. This gives the user direct insight into its performance, progress and rewards. Users can compare themselves directly with other users of the app.

24/7 automatic tracking

The tripzoom app records all movements automatically, 24 hours a day. After logging into the app cyclists do not need to do more. Very convenient for cyclists. And ensures reliable data. TRIPZOOM allows for location determination using four sensors in the smartphone: GPS, WIFI, GSM and accelerometer. Through this combination, we ensure that the battery consumption is as low as possible.
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Wie zijn we?

Within the TRIPZOOM project DTV Consultants and Locatienet cooperate . Locatienet has extensive experience in the areas of routing, geocoding and mapping and takes care of the technique used within TRIPZOOM.

Locatienet logfo

Locatienet is part of PTV GROUP. We plan and optimize everything that moves people and goods around the world.


DTV Consultants is an ambitious and innovative research and consultancy company in the field of traffic and mobility. DTV Consultants has extensive experience in the field of research and cycling stimulation.


Within TRIPZOOM DTV Consultants is primary contact for the client and is responsible for the mobility and behavioral knowledge, research, back office and project management.

General information about the project

About Tripzoom

TRIPZOOM for your cyclists encouragementWould you like to encourage cycling ? TRIPZOOM you have proven technique you can use in your project . Fully customized bike encouragenent with TRIPZOOM typically consists the following elements±Registration and monitoring: TRIPZOOM provides continuous tracking and tracing of your participants through the app . This gives you insight into the use of the vehicle, and performance at the individual level.Reward: Every bike revitalization reward plays an important role. This could consist a virtual reward , a chance at a price or a direct material reward in the form of financial compensation. TRIPZOOM can reward component completely fill as required , all reward modes are available. We are happy to advise you on whether your system integrate directly into the app . Our back office can take care of handling the full rewards for you.

Campaign: Bicycle Promotion is often accompanied by a recruitment or awareness campaign . This campaign is entirely satisfactory to fill . TRIPZOOM provides you with the technical framework around which we can make a tailored campaign. It is also possible to conduct the lining campaign itself and to integrate TRIPZOOM therein

TRIPZOOM for your bike data:Want to know more about cyclists? The bike is often neglected in the overall spectrum of traffic research. With TRIPZOOM you are able to collect data at route level. Many unique and reliable data captured by volunteers or paid panels are used. Their rides with the app through TRIPZOOM gives you access to all the data collected.




Our TRIPZOOM technique has recently been successfully used in successful projects like B-Riders in the province of North Brabant and for the Bike Scheme Verkeersonderneming and Rotterdam City. Interested in Tripzoom? Please contact us:

Tanja Steenhorst – 076-5136634 –

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